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Technical Specs Discussion for The Sims 2

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My quest for a portable and professional looking gaming notebook! [Jan. 7th, 2007|07:50 pm]
Technical Specs Discussion for The Sims 2

So I've mentioned a few times that I got a notebook (my first) and that picking it out was quite frustrating. This may or may not be useful to some of you -- if you are more interested in a notebook as a big honking desktop replacement that you won't be carrying around much if at all, looking for one that will play TS2 great should be much easier. However, I'm a grad student and I really needed something I could carry around with me and use for a variety of tasks. I didn't realize until I started shopping around how it difficult it is to find a laptop with 15.4" screen or smaller that also had a great graphics card. Basically: IT'S REALLY HARD.

I ended up going a slightly unconventional route -- I bought an ASUS. That name may not sound familiar to most of you, but actually, probably every single one of you are using a computer right now that has at least one part made by ASUS -- on desktops, your motherboard is probably made by them, and a great deal of notebooks by larger name brands are actually made and sometimes even designed by ASUS, and then they just have the brand slapped on them. However, they also make some really great notebooks of their own, and they seem to be really popular among computer geeks for their durability, power, and great price.

SpecsCollapse )

Here's my little review -- the first part is more general, explaining what each part is and why it is good/bad, and the second part is more about ASUS.

Explanation of SpecsCollapse )

ConsCollapse )

ASUS models are probably a bit scary to deal with if you are inexperienced with computers. It's definitely targeted at people who are geeks and who like to fiddle around with their systems a little. But it's a great deal and a very well-built machine. The A series is their "budget"/business series. It looks mature but the price is lower than their better-built (nigh on indestructible) V and W series. They also have a gaming series, and this might be something many of you are interested in. I ruled it out because I needed something that looked more mature. These two models are the G1 and G2. The G1 has the same video card as the A8Js but more RAM and a bigger hard drive, a better screen, larger battery, a 15.4" screen, and dorky ass green lights on the side. -_- The G2 has a 17" screen and an ATI x1700 card, and dorky ass RED lights on the side. Anyway, it's actually a lot less showy than say, an Alienware or Voodoo gaming laptop. It may be right up the alley of some TS2 fans. :)
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Intro + Info [Jan. 6th, 2007|07:43 pm]
Technical Specs Discussion for The Sims 2

Hi! Welcome to sims2specs. My motivation for making this community pretty much lies in my struggle to pick out a good laptop for TS2. I wanted to really understand what was important in picking out the right specs, not just have suggestions lobbed at me. I also found that in some of the more general venues for getting advice about computers, there was perhaps a little bit of disdain for TS2 ("You don't need much to run that game," etc.) Essentially, I really wanted a place where you could get good computer advice from people who actually play and appreciate the game. I was able to make a good selection for a computer in the end (I'm typing on it now!) but it was a very frustrating experience. Hopefully some of my frustration and trial-by-experience will help some others out. :)

Here are a few rules/suggestions for the running of the community:

-Because this community's goal is to help people, at this time there will not be any restrictions on posting; however it would be nice if you tried to keep your posts down to only one a day. If you have more to add, please edit your post from before. If you wish to includes images, please only post one outsides of an LJ cut, and try to keep it no larger than 500px wide.

-At some point we may try to implement a survey for people who are looking for recommendations to fill out. For now, before you post asking for a suggestion, please check out first what the required specs are for the game and each of its EPs. You can find out the specs of each version of the PC game by going here, checking out the individual pages for each EP, and finding the link for "System Requirements" -- or by looking at the sticker that came on the box, if you still have it.

-The System Requirements for the Mac version of the game and the EPs are here: Original, Uni, NL, OFB, and Pets. There is also a list of Mac systems and their compatability with the game below.

-If you are having a problem with your computer, please post all of your specs in your post in order to help us try to determine what the problem might be.

-It might help you to read a little bit about some of the terminologies you are going to be seeing when you look at computer specs. Even if you just have a very general idea of it, the difference it makes can be huge.

Here is an incomplete, in-progress list of terms you might want to familiarize yourself with ...Collapse )

A few requests:

-Right now the community needs at least one or maybe two other maintainers, who have some degree of knowledge of computers, and someone who knows Macs would be greatly appreciated, too.

-We also need a community icon. I mean, I could make one, but I'm lazy, so it'll take forever. And it'll probably be ugly. :)
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